Saturday, 11 April 2015

Parting At Heathrow Airport
Those sunlit clouds
away beyond the wire and concrete hills
remind me that you're out there still, that we
who overlay the bones of time
with dreams
will always meet again
Parting at St Pancras Station (1998)
and its monstrous sweep
defining emptiness
the echoed
throb, roar
of voices, sliding feet
to dim glass
against the sky's
February winds
on empty platforms
coal, diesel
not in words
the cold
absolute reality of things


  1. Beautiful, poignant, moving. I feel the wistful thoughts, Pedro xx

  2. Thanks so much dear Val and Koos. You always understand and I so appreciate your comments and support.

  3. Parting is such sweet sorrow... Oh wait. I think somebody already used that! Anyway, loved your poem. Very, umm, poetic! heheh
    If this shows up twice, I'm sorry.

  4. As many times as you like, Hap. I'm glad you liked it, amigo, and thanks for commenting.